Palo Alto Buddhist Temple Dharma School

(L-R: Carl Yanari, Laura Norimoto, Amy Yoshida, Kathy Obana, Denise Montgomery, Wayne Montgomery,
Tyler Montgomery, Leslie O'Connell, Mark O'Connell, Magali Yoshida, Mitchell Fukumoto, Joann McClennan, Ruth Shiroyama)

Welcome to Palo Alto Buddhist Temple's Dharma School webpage

Our Dharma School consists of 70 students, grades pre-kindergarten through high school. The mission of the Dharma School is to develop in our Temple youth, using knowledge and experience, an understanding and appreciation of the Buddha, the Teachings of the Buddha (Dharma), and the community of Buddhists at our Temple within the context of our sect of Buddhism, Jodo Shinshu. Our goal is to create curriculum and lessons that engage our students to incorporate the Dharma in their daily activities.

Our Dharma School year runs from September through June, but we are always VERY pleased to welcome new families to our Temple and Dharma School at any time of the year. If you are interested in joining our PABT Dharma School, please download the Registration Information Flyer.

Already registered? Welcome students and parents to Dharma School 2015-2016! Please read the welcome letter for important information and a calendar of events. Dharma School Welcome Letter

The focus for the 2015-2016 Dharma School year is a topic introduced at the last Federation of Dharma School Teachers' League (a national organization within our Buddhist churches) conference. This topic, diversity and inclusion, initiated thoughtful conversation among the teachers. This year we are focusing our class program and lessons to facilitate acceptance and kindness of individuals. Information on special programs can be found on our calendar. We have a teaching staff of 13 dedicated individuals.


Pre-school to Kindergarten

Ruth Shiroyama
Lori O'Connell
Leslie Hokama
Lotus Class
First to Third Grades
Laura Norimoto
Kathy Obana
JoAnn McLennan
Truth's Disciples Class
Fourth and Fifth Grades
Denise Montgomery
Ron Matsuura
Magali Yoshida
Dana Class
Sixth to Eighth Grades
Wayne Montgomery
Tyler Montgomery
Satori Class
Ninth to Twelfth Grades
Landon Yamaoka
Mark O'Connell

Other members of our Dharma School staff include Carl Yanari, who acts as an advisor to Dharma School teachers and directs communication, and Amy Yoshida, who directs our Dharma School Taiko and assists with Temple's choir program. Mitchell Fukumoto, a former member of Stanford Taiko, is our taiko instructor.

Dharma School is a 'family' within the larger Temple community and each Dharma School family is a member. As such, we encourage everyone to get involved. Our program is a work in progress and we are open to new ideas and progressive input.

With gratitude,

Denise Montgomery

May 2016 Dharma School Report