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Welcome to PABT Obon 2023!


August 5th/6th, we look forward to gathering in person for a food, music and Obon Odori celebration of our ancestors.   


Please use the form below to pre-order food and commemorative T-shirts. Quantities are limited and ordering will close on the dates below to help with purchasing.   


  • Food pre-order will be open through ORDER WINDOWS EXTENDED through JULY 29th

  • T-shirts pre-order will be open through July 12 and available in Mens, Womens and Children sizes this year!


  • Saturday August 5th 

    • Order pickup (food and t shirts) from 4-6pm 

    • Onsite eating will be open 4-8pm

    • Craft beer, sake and wine will be sold

    • Homemade Cookies and Desserts will be sold on site

    • Enjoy live taiko and music by Bad Karma

  • Sunday August 6th

    • Obon Odori from 4-6:30pm

    • Prep and dancing in a casual setting

    • Casual food items will be available for purchase (hot dogs, desserts, beverages)

    • Craft beer, sake and wine will be sold

Asian Cuisine

Food Menu


Sequoia Sake

-Coastal Ginjo - $22.00/375ml

*SAKE COMPETITION 2019 Gold Medal Winner!

A calming, sweet aroma, yet dry on the palate, with a refreshing aroma of green apple. A refined taste that is complimented with a mild acidity. Works well with a variety of foods, such as seafood or pasta. Serve on ice for a picnic or warmed for those cold winter nights. 

In a few words: Sophisticated, refreshing, fresh fruits

Style: Junmai-ginjo
Alcohol: 14-15%
- Coastal “Nigori $22.00/375ml

Creamy sweetness of bananas and a slightly nutty flavor with a delicate floral aroma that is soft to the touch and delight to your palate. 
In a few words: Creamy, smooth, mild floral.

Style: Junmai-nigori
Alcohol: 14-15%

T-Shirts pre-order CLOSED

Limited stock will be available to purchase at the Obon (first come-first served).

Charcoal Grey designed by Judy Tsuji

Available in 

Youth: S/M/L

Women's: S/M/L/XL

Unisex: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL

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