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Our Dharma school strives to enrich our K-12 children with Buddhistic values - compassion and kindness to others, selflessness instead of selfishness, respect others and all beings, and to be responsible for oneself and not blame others.

The Focus of Our Efforts


We meet after service every Sunday and welcome your children to join us. Our Dharma School consists of 70 students, grades pre-kindergarten through high school. The mission of the Dharma School is to develop in our Temple youth, using knowledge and experience, an understanding and appreciation of the Buddha, the Teachings of the Buddha (Dharma), and the community of Buddhists at our Temple within the context of our sect of Buddhism, Jodo Shinshu. Our goal is to create curriculum and lessons that engage our students to incorporate the Dharma in their daily activities.

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Our Dharma School year runs from September through June, but we are always VERY pleased to welcome new families to our Temple and Dharma School at any time of the year. If you are interested in joining our PABT Dharma School, please download the Registration Information Flyer.

Already registered? Welcome students and parents to Dharma School 2018-2019! Please read the welcome letter for important information and a calendar of events. Dharma School Welcome Letter

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